From Shadowrun to Battletech

From Shadowrun to Battletech

Harebrained Schemes, creators of Shadowrun Returns (and its follow ups) and masters of Kickstarter are back at it again, this time with another classic property. This time around they are raising money bring turn based mech combat to the masses with a Battletech game.

Battletech promises single player turn based mech combat as well as PVP if certain funding levels are reached. Speaking of funding the kickstarter goal of $250 000 was actually reached in 53 minutes and is currently sitting at over $700 000 raised so reaching that PVP limit won’t likely pose a problem.

From Shadowrun to Battletech

If you are keen to get into a giant mech and destroy some opposition make sure you head over the project’s Kickstarter page and lay down some hard earned cash. There are some nice perks to be had all at fairly reasonable prices, even with the AUD being in the toilet. If the quality of Harbrained’s recent work is any indication this is sure to be a cracking game.

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