Player2 at PAXAUS 2015!

Come and watch us, live and in 3D at PAXAUS 2015!

While the schedules won’t be printed for a few weeks yet, Player2 is excited to announce that we will have a number of members appearing at PAXAUS 2015 on a panel titled ‘Go Solo or Go Social – Single Player vs Multiplayer Gaming’. As a sneak preview, here’s the description as it will appear in the official PAXAUS 2015 Program:

Finally, a panel that wrestles with questions that have plagued gaming since its inception – Should games be solo or social experiences? Would you rather be forever alone or always online? Who remembers couch co-op? Our crack team of panelists includes writers and developers who will try to find a definitive answer to this age old debate. By using the best examples of single and multiplayer games they’ll attempt to sway their opponents and the final boss, the audience!

Following on from last year, PAXAUS 2015 is once again held at the Melbourne This event will be taking place at 8PM, Friday 30th of October at the Bunyip Theatre. Moderated by yours truly, panelists include Player2 editor Matt Hewson, celebrity guest Jason Imms, the effervescent Stevie McDonald, master of QBASIC himself Lance McDonald and last but not least, Player2’s very own Sarah Ellen!

For tickets and further information, head to the PAXAUS Website.



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