Editor’s Thoughts – Joyful Con Ambition

The mind of our editor is a crazy place and sometimes it needs to be emptied. Thoughts flutter through the empty caverns of his mind that need to be placed on the virtual page. These ramblings are presented without context and it must be said that perhaps a warning is required. Dive into the brain of the Editor at your own peril. 

Editor’s Thoughts – Joyful Con Ambition

Joyful gaming

Where has all the joy gone in gaming? Has it disappeared? I am not sure I can answer that but I am positive it hasn’t disappeared entirely. More and more we as gamers are focusing on graphics, gameplay features and online connectivity and we are losing site of the big picture that games are supposed to be fun. It is easy to get bogged down in the finer details of every single game (I know I am guilty of it myself) and forget that if a game brings some happiness to your life then it is a success. I was distinctly reminded of this when my copy of Skylanders Superchargers arrived today. When I showed my kids what I was going to be reviewing they flipped out. So much excitement over a simple video game. I can’t remember the last time I felt that excited (though I will admit Just Cause 3 is getting close) sure part of it is growing up but then I think part of it is the cynical way we treat games these days. I think that as adults we have lost something special and that is a major shame.

Editor's Thoughts - Joyful Con Ambition
Skylanders certainly brings out the smiles.

 Critical of Ambition

I often wonder if gamers are too harsh on ambitious games that don’t quite hit the mark. Innovation in the AAA realm is so rare these days I think it should be congratulated and even encouraged no matter the results. I think the best example of this recently is Destiny. Ambitious from the get go, Destiny failed to live up to the hyperbole (well at least until The Taken King was released). It provided a lot of entertainment however and Bungie should be congratulated for that. Perhaps Destiny was the victim of its own marketing campaign. I can certainly think of a few other games that suffered the same problem (*cough* Fable *cough*) but I don’t think we should be getting upset with the developers. There is an old saying (I have no idea who first said it) that goes “Always aim for the Moon because even if you miss you end up in the stars” and I think that is very appropriate in this instance. The more ambition and creativity the better, even if it means a few missteps on the way.

Editor's Thoughts - Joyful Con Ambition
Was Fable a victim of its own ambition?

Con Season

It is a mental time of year for games writers. A massive amount of games coming out means that there are a mountain of reviews to be written. To add to the crazy it is Australia’s convention season with both EB Expo and PAX Australia happening within a month of each other. I love both of these conventions, not only for the new games on show but as a chance to catch up with some truly excellent people. I have been lucky enough to be writing about games for about 6 years now and in that time the thing that stands out in my mind is all the cool cats I have met. Some great people from all parts of the industry that have gone on to be amazing friends. I hope others feel the same about these shows because in my mind there is nothing better than getting together with like-minded people, checking out some new games and then having a couple of quiet beverages after the show winds up. If you see me, or any of the Player2 crew, at the shows don’t be afraid to come over and say hi. There is always room in my life to meet some fine new folk.

Editor's Thoughts - Joyful Con Ambition
Source of new games and drinking companions.

 Movie Night

Finally I just wanted to throw a quick mention of some fundraising I am doing for the Starlight Foundation. As you probably all know the Starlight foundation provides a little spark of joy for sick children all over the country. They provide video game systems for hospitals, exciting events for the children and even organise celebrity visits to ensure spirits are high. Anyway I am hosting a movie night in my home town and if you feel like dropping a few bucks for the cause please click the link below. No matter how small an amount it will all help.


Editor's Thoughts - Joyful Con Ambition
Support the Starlight Foundation!

 Matt Hewson

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