Quantum Break hits the top of the charts

Quantum Break hits the top of the charts

Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft are rather excited at how well their mixed media action shooter Quantum Break has been doing since its April 5 release, saying today that it had become the ‘#1 best-selling Xbox game both around the world and in Australia during the week of launch’.

Not to be sold short, Microsoft went on to add that is had also become the best selling Microsoft IP of this generation, which sounds great on the face of things, but when you consider that its only competition in terms of current generation new IP is basically Screamride and Sunset Overdrive, that puts things in a slightly different perspective. Still, Microsoft and Remedy seem very pleased with how its game is fairing out in the wild.

Quantum Break hits the top of the charts

That doesn’t mean everything has gone completely to plan, though, with Microsoft also acknowledging issues being experienced on the PC version of the game, saying ‘We are working diligently with our partners and with Remedy Entertainment to resolve them.’

Quantum Break has been reasonably well received on a critical level, also – Player 2’s Paul James praised it’s fleshed out the narrative and spritely combat, despite its occasional clunkiness.

You can read his full review here.

Quantum Break was released on Xbox One and Windows 10 on April 5th.

Quantum Break hits the top of the charts

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