Interview – K-Brad

Interview – K-Brad

After the lights had dimmed and the winners crowned there was still one voice I really wanted to hear from about his experience in one of the biggest FGC Tournaments here in Australia, EG| K-Brad! And because he’s just as awesome in person as he is on stage, he took the time to have a chat with me about his time here in Australia, OHN experience and share some of his thoughts on SFV.

Here’s what he had to say:

Adam – K-Brad! How was coming to Australia and your OHN experience?

K-Brad – It was pretty good! This was my first time coming to one of these, never been to Sydney before. But this was my first OHN and I liked it a lot.


Adam – You made it into the top 8, what did you find hard about the matches you went down in?

K-Brad – Let’s see, I went down to Daigo (who came first) and then Itabashi who came third. I don’t really know how to approach Gief in this game yet, I was dreading fighting him and the Daigo’s Daigo, so you’re always scared to fight him. So I think what I need to do is go back home and practice the Ryu match and Gief match.

Adam – Is that what you take away from these matches where you don’t take first place, where you ask ‘well what can I learn?’ and that’s what makes you better?

K-Brad – Some people lose and go and play again, me, I lose and understand what I’m supposed to do and approach the match. So now I’m going home to study Gief up a lot.

 Interview - K-Brad

Adam – Other than Urien, are there any characters you’re looking forward to in Season 2?

K-Brad – The only characters I really care for now are, Decapre if they put her in the game. C. Viper and that Russian character that’s in the story mode, but I forgot her name (Kolin), I’d like to see a new character that no one knows about, that would be pretty sick.

Adam – What would you say is your worst matchup?

K-Brad – Gief and it just recently happened to. You know I play online and I’m thinking oh ok I can just approach Zangief like this and that. So when you fight a GOOD Gief it’s different, so I can’t get away with all this stuff I got away with online.

Adam – How are you finding the Australia crowds?

K-Brad – Pretty sick! I always like crowds where people are rooting for the hometown hero.

Adam – And you won Marvel! Well done!

K-Brad – *laughs* Gotta win something right?

Adam – But you know, I was also a bit saddened because at EVO this year I felt this was the last year it will be there.

K-Brad – Well I dunno, maybe, it always brings the numbers and people say that every single year, first it went from Sunday day Grand Finals now it’s on Saturday Grand Finals but it keeps bringing in those numbers and it’s a hype game so I think we’ll be back next year!


Adam – Any closing thoughts on the tournament?

K-Brad – Ahhh pretty sick, all the players here are pretty good, there’s a bunch of guys that definitely won’t make top 16 but they’re super contenders, the crowd was really rowdy and I liked that a lot. The venue was pretty sick and I heard this was the first time they’re at the Menzies Hotel and I loved it, its smack dab in the middle of everything so I loved the location, it’s definitely one of my favourite tournaments so far!

 Interview - K-Brad

Adam – OK, last question. When’s Mahvel?

K-Brad – *smiles* 2017, EVO!

Adam – Let’s see that! Thank you very much for your time.

K-Brad – You’re welcome!

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