Steep Carves into Open Beta

Steep Carves into Open Beta

Ubisoft has always been known for keeping a big surprise up their sleeve for their E3 conference, but no one could have predicted what they had in store this year. Steep was announced out of nowhere and marked a return to extreme sports games, a genre that many felt died along with everyone’s fond memories of Tony Hawk.

What Steep seems to offer however is much more closely linked to the modern phenomenon of Go Pro as opposed to the crazy snow/skate games of old. The concept of an open mountain range that is yours to attack however you please is an appealing one and to help players get hyped even further Ubisoft will be running both a closed and open beta. People who register at will get a chance to play the game on the weekend of November 9, while everyone else will get their shot the following weekend. All three systems (PC, Xbox One and PS4) will be playable during the beta.

So if the idea of a fresh take on the extreme sports genre appeals to you be sure to get ready for the beta and in the meantime check out the newest trailer below.

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