Ubisoft Announces For Honor Closed Beta

Ubisoft Anounces For Honor Closed Beta

For Honor


Ubisoft have annonced a closed multiplayer beta for their upcoming title For Honor which will start sometime during January of 2017. For Honor chronicles (not quite historically accurate) struggles between three factions: Samurai, Vikings and Knights. What makes For Honor a bit more intriguing is the approach Ubisoft have taken to the mulitplayer component, which will be cross platform allowing console and PC players to battle it out.

The Closed Beta will also be the only place to engage in War of the Factions, “a pre-launch limited time event” that will track activity across the three platforms and give rewards to all participants as well as something extra for those who fought for the winning faction.

As well as this Closed Beta, Ubisoft also revealed a new Faction War metagame which, similar to the War of the Factions mode in the Beta, will track player progress over a 10 week Season. Players will be able to earn rewards based on their personal performance and use those to increase the rank of their faction, securing greater rewards at the conclusion of each Season.

With For Honor scheduled for release on Feburary 14th of 2017, this Closed Beta seems like a final effort to iron out and bugs, balance issues and check server load prior to release. If any readers are interested in participating, click on this link. Be warned however, you will need a Ubisoft Account to participate and if PC is your primary platform, bet your bottom dollar you’ll need UPlay installed as well.


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