Player 2 Plays – Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Player 2 Plays – Shadowrun: Hong Kong

This week’s episode of Player 2 Plays is based on the excellent new Humble Bundle that is offering a whole mess of great games for not much. This bundle includes such gems as Homeworld Remastered, Victor Vran and RUST and is well worth your time. To decide which of the cool games on offer would get the video. however we took a vote to the people and thanks to the very hand twitter polls feature we have a winner. That winner is Shadowrun: Hong Kong

When the results came out that way Matt was super excited because he has held a deep love for the Shadowrun franchise since it was taken over by Harebrained Studios and is keen to share that love with anyone who will listen. So settle in and join Matt in this cyberpunk land of magic and technology, it may just convince you to support some great causes and grab the latest Humble Bundle.

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