The Weekly Wrap – January the 16th 2017

The Weekly Wrap – January the 16th 2017

Well it certainly was a big week in gaming wasn’t it? The Nintendo Switch presentation got everyone talking and to be honest, it didn’t go down that well. I guess only time will tell if Nintendo are on the right track. Also this week we had a look ahead at what is in store for Microsoft’s first party studios, a review of Final Fantasy XV and a look a the cool little platformer Fiest. All this along with the usual dose of news and videos that you’ve come to expect.

So catch up on all the articles, trailers and videos below and get ready for another big week on Player 2.

State of Play: Microsoft
Final Fantasy XV
Patched 11: Updates
2017 Fantasy Draft Pt 1
2017 Fantasy Draft Pt 2
The Nintendo Switch Presentation
Player 2 Plays: Planet Coaster


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