The Weekly Wrap – 1st of May 2017

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap, a collection of all the articles that graced Player 2 during the past week. Catch up the easy way.

The Weekly Wrap – 1st of May 2017

Another week gone and another week closer to E3. We are just starting to see the big gaming companies tease their plans for the big event and the hype train is leaving the station. But we don’t want to look forward in the Weekly Wrap, we want to look back on the week that was. This week featured a wide range of content from the Player 2 crew including three Dawn of War 3 videos, Jenn’s review of the latest Kingdom Hearts collection, Joel’s look at Troll and I and thoughts from Paul on the Gladiolus DLC for Final Fantasy XV. All this along with the usual helpings of news and views from our keen team.

So grab your Monday coffee, ignore the boss and catch up on a week’s worth of Player 2 in one easy location. Stay tuned for another great week of P2 content and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel while you are at it.

Player 2 VGC - Bioshock
Dawn of War 3 - Mission 1
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix
Final Fantasy XV: Gladiolus DLC
News Bites - 27th of April
Dawn of War 3 - Mission 2
The 2017 Player 2 Charity Marathon
Troll and I - Review
P2 Plays - Dawn of War III Multiplayer



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