The Weekly Wrap – 24th of July 2017

The Weekly Wrap – 24th of July 2017

July keeps on keeping on and the Player 2 crew are neck deep in JRPG July shenanigans. This week we have had personal tales from our writers talking about their experiences with Final Fantasy VII, Pokemon Silver/Gold, Final Fantasy VIII and Bravely Default, all of which are wonderful reads. Make sure you check out the JRPG July hub to catch them all.

But I wasn’t all oversized swords and strange fashion. The team also managed to review Nex Machina and Rugby League Live 4, as well as get up a new episode of The Insider, Patched and Player 2 Plays.

So grab a nice cup of coffee, tell the boss you are busy and catch up on a week of great gaming content below.

The Weekly Wrap - 24th of July 2017
The JRPG July Hub.


Nex Machina
Rugby League Live 4
The Insider - D23
P2 Plays - Just Cause 3


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