An Endless Hand For Hand of Fate 2 Players

Hand of Fate 2 Begins Dealing in DLC

Hand of Fate 2 Begins Dealing in DLC

Fans of Defiant Development’s Hand of Fate 2 have more to enjoy, with the game soon to begin dealing out its first wave of DLC. The first piece of DLC will be launching on PC today, December 20th, while it will be launching for PS4 and XB1 in 2018 – that DLC will be free to all players.

From the press release “The Dealer will join the adventuring party once the player successfully completes the final challenge. A master of the Game of Life and Death, he can influence any tabletop gambit, though at great personal cost. In combat, the Dealer employs an arsenal of ranged attacks to ensnare his opponents.”

In the same release, it’s been revealed that Hand of Fate 2 has already (since launch on Nov. 7th) has already sold in excess of 100,000 units, with numbers from the recently released Xbox One version not yet accounted for.

“Love or hate the Dealer, players will be thrilled to have more of him than ever before, transforming our most memorable character into a companion.”

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