Past Cure Brings the Story

Past Cure Brings the Story

Phantom 8 Studio has shared a new story trailer for its upcoming psychological thriller, Past Cure. The game, which launches on February 23rd on PS4 and Xbox One, is an intense, cinematic and story-driven experience that challenges the player to survive two different planes of existence.

Past Cure Brings the Story

The storyline follows Ian, a former elite soldier living in a safe house with his brother, Marcus. Surviving the aftermath of the experiments he was forced to endure whilst conscripted, Ian struggles through memory loss, nightmares and terrifying visions.

Driven by the need for truth and desire for revenge, Ian begins to hunt down the people behind his trauma and uses the very powers that cause him grief to survive the criminal underworld he finds himself in.

Past Cure Brings the Story

Apart from the intense and intriguing storyline, Past Cure also delivers a range of gameplay features. Players will master the mind-bending abilities and sheer power of Ian’s mind in order to obliterate anybody who stands in his path. Or if obliteration isn’t up your alley, Past Cure enables gamers to choose the stealthier approach, and utilise evasion tactics and stealth takedowns to maneuver through the world.

Past Cure is scheduled for release on February 23, 2018, for PS4 and Xbox One.

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