Join the Player 2 Team

Join the Player 2 Team

Here at Player 2, we are a group of writers and content creators who love what we do. We love writing about games, plain and simple. It is why the site exists and why we keep putting out daily content for our readers around the world. The sad thing is, however, that thing called “life” keeps getting in the way of us doing as much as we would like. There are just too many games, too many announcements and too many trailers to cover.

That’s where you come in. We are looking at adding a few new writers to our Player 2 crew. We need new voices, new perspectives and new ideas, so we are opening up our writer applications for the first time in two years to invite some wonderful people into the fold.

First things first, this is not a paid position. We are a community site and have no freelance budget. If you can get paid for your writing, please do that instead of coming to us. However you will never be asked to buy anything to review, we will provide the games and they are yours to keep. Depending on where you live there is also the opportunity to attend gaming events/PR sessions. You will also have access to a group of writers who collectively have written for just about every major printed and online publication that Australia has to offer. We make sure that every opportunity for feedback is given so if you are looking to improve your writing this is a great place to be. We don’t pressure our writers either, you write what you want to. The only deadlines are for reviews/previews which range from 2-4 weeks depending on the game.

There are a few things we need our writers to possess. Firstly a passion for both gaming and writing is a must. Experience is nice but passion is better. To go with this an interest in Australian developed and indie titles is a definite plus. Secondly, our writers need access to at least one current gen console (Xbox One, PS4, Switch) or a gaming PC as well as online services (Xbox Live or PS+). We need people with the ability to be able to review games on multiple systems so the more systems you own the better. Finally, we need our writers to be living in Australia. If you fit these categories then we would love to hear from you. We would love a diverse range of applicants so no matter your age, experience, sex, race, religion or political stance you are welcome, nay encouraged to apply.

Also if you have video skills then please don’t forget to mention that when you apply. Player 2 has a growing video space so if that is something you have a talent in please don’t forget to brag about it.

How to Apply

To be in consideration for a position at Player2 please send an email of introduction to with a link to a selection of published works. If none of those works are reviews or if you have nothing published please provide a review of any video game you like. This review needs to be between 750 – 1000 words. Your application will be reviewed by the Editor and Deputy Editor as well as an independent 3rd party to ensure a fair process. Every applicant will receive a response to their application and feedback if requested. Make sure your application includes contact details, relevant experience and anything else you think is important. Remember personality and a unique approach will separate you from the pack. Also as another quick hint, knowing a bit about Player 2 and how we do things won’t hurt either, make sure you have a wander through our virtual pages before you apply.

So what are you waiting for. Applications are open now and will be open for approximately 4 weeks. We would love to hear from you and perhaps welcome you into the fold. If you have any questions please feel free to email them or ask on Twitter. 

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