The Weekly Wrap - 9th of April 2018
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The Weekly Wrap – 9th of April 2018

The Weekly Wrap – 9th of April 2018

So far in 2018, there has been a steady trickle of high profile releases. Games are not getting released in big chunks as much anymore and it means that fewer games are getting lost in the crowd. It certainly makes our jobs much easier, that’s for sure. Take this week for example. James returned to P2 with a look at Microsoft’s high seas adventure Sea of Thieves, Stephen discovered that life as a father is tough in organised crime with Yakuza 6 and Royce set about completing the black and white adventure Minit, 60 seconds at a time as well as taking down opposing tanks in World of Tanks 1.0.  This was joined by the usual dose of news and videos that you have come to expect from the P2 team.

So catch up with everything below and get ready for another great week of gaming coverage on Player 2

Patched - April Updates
Patched #30 - April 2018 Updates
Yakuza 6 - Review
P2 Plays - The Swords of Ditto
Player 2 Plays - The Swords of Ditto
Blockbuster Gaming - Minit
Blockbuster Gaming - Minit
Late Game Review - Saint's Row
Late Game Review - Saints Row
Spider-Man Hits in September
Spider-Man Slings Onto PS4 This September!
Sea of Thieves - Review
Sea of Thieves - Review
The Insider 39 - Spider-Man PS4
The Insider #30 - Playstation - The 2018 Preview
World of Tanks 1.0 - Hands on
P2 Plays - Secret of Mana Part 11
Secret of Mana
P2 Plays - The Swords of Ditto: Part 2
Player 2 Plays - The Swords of Ditto: Part 2


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