Dead or Alive 6 is Coming at you

Dead or Alive 6 is Coming at you

E3 is upon us and the hits are going to be coming thick and fast. To start things off Team Ninja has dropped a trailer for the next Dead or Alive game! In typical fashion, the trailer is a mix of beautiful cut-scenes with some actual gameplay footage mixed in, compiled with some upbeat tunes.

There’s only so much we can gather from a simple trailer, but visually it looks fairly stunning and we’re also told it’ll be hitting our gaming machines in Early 2019 (whatever that means). But the biggest stand out are the things that aren’t standing out for once, and that’s the over the top sexualisation. For the longest time the Dead or Alive games have held up dynamically as a very competent fighter (and still maintains a small but dedicated FGC scene) but the aesthetic choices made by the developers, we’ve felt, has held the game back.

Who knows what the end product will be but we’re excited none the less, go check out the trailer here:

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