Just Cause 4 – Creating Chaos

Just Cause 4 – Creating Chaos

After impressing fans with their E3 showing, Avalanche has decided to show off what goes into making a massive open-world game just as Just Cause 4 with a series of “making of” videos. These videos cover everything from the brand new Apex engine to the new customisable grappling hook. All five videos are worth a watch and do a lot to settle some fan worries after Avalanche took a couple of missteps with Just Cause 3. The Force of Nature video is probably the best with its focus on the impressive new super-weather events that can be experienced in the game.

Just Cause 4 - Creating Chaos

Just Cause 4 is coming on the 4th of December to PC, PS4 and Xbox One and with a new engine, improved wingsuit and grappling hook and more explosives than you can shake a very large stick at it looks like Just Cause 4 will be a chaotically good time for all.


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