The Weekly Wrap – 21st January 2019

The Weekly Wrap – 21st January 2019

The reviews have already started and the games are starting to trickle in for what will likely be one of the biggest Januarys ever for games releases. This week we had two reviews go up, Paul looked at the moving tale of a Syrian refugee in Bury Me, My Love and Matt reviewed the dogfighting joy that is Ace Combat 7. Hope also had a chat with Screwtape Studios’ Megan Summers and Matt talked about the benefits of brain dead gaming. All of that was joined by the usual dose of news and videos from the Player 2 crew.

So make sure you catch up with everything below and get ready for another big week, which may or may not feature a little town called Racoon City.

The P2 2018 Draft Results
The Player 2 Video Game Fantasy Draft 2018 - Results Revealed
P2 Plays - Mercenaries
Player 2 Plays - Mercenaries
Interview - Megan Summers, Screwtape Studios
Interview - Megan Summers - Product Manager/Developer Screwtape Studios
Patched - Holiday updates
Bury Me, My Love
The Benefits of Brain Dead Gaming

The Benefits of Brain Dead Gaming
P2 Plays - Mortal Kombat X
MK 11 Spills the Beans
Mortal Kombat 11 Spills the Beans... and Intestines
The Insider - Xbox 2019 Preview
Ace Combat 7
Ace Combat 7 - Dogfighting Deluxe
P2 Plays - The Strange Brigade
Player 2 Plays - Strange Brigade
P2 Plays - Red Dead 2
The Poetry of the Old West - Red Dead Redemption 2

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