VR vs Fitness and Fat: Round 2 – 21 Days Down

VR vs Fitness and Fat: Round 2 – 21 Days Down

Day 1Day 7Day 14Day 21Day 28Day 31
Weight (KG)149.2148.5147.8146.8146.0145.5
Waist (cm)139136134130128127
Upper Thigh (cm)737173706865
Chest (cm)135132129127125125
Bicep (cm)444244434141
Resting Heart Rate (BPM)767978727171

A full week of no temptations works wonders right? I am happy to know that if I can manage to find a week without any parties, camping trips or social events I can make a real difference to my weight and measurements. But what it also tells me is that when I look back at the past weeks, it is even more encouraging to know that as long as I stick to my routine, even when I am tempted by the joys of food and drink, I can still end up losing weight. That, is perhaps the most comforting thing to know, because, let’s be honest, food and drink is a wonderful part of my life. I guess that is where something like this is most important to me. I needed to know that I can still do the things I enjoy and be healthier at the same time.

VR vs Fitness and Fat: Round 2 - 21 Days Down
My exercise calendar for January.

Some interesting things happened this week too. Firstly, losses continue across the board. 1 KG down and quite a few cms off the rest of my body. I have noticed that some clothes are starting to fit just that little bit better, which is a great feeling. Perhaps the biggest change this week though is my resting heart rate. It has dropped quite a bit, telling me that my exercise is not only helping me get slimmer, but it is doing wonders for my organs too. The trade-off for all of this is that my body is aching most days, but hey I ache a lot of days anyway, so really not too much has changed except for the bits aching.

When starting this challenge I didn’t really have a goal, just to see what the initial month of efforts could do, but having thought about it quite a lot since then, I have finally set a weight goal. This year I turn 40 so with that in mind I would like to weigh what I weighed at 20,  which was the low 120kgs. That is the weight I played Rugby League at, so it would be nice to be there once again. So there it is, to get into the 120s at least, before my 40th birthday in August. Tough? yeah no doubt, but certainly doable.

VR vs Fitness and Fat: Round 2 - 21 Days Down
The DIY VR Fitness Starter Pack

Finally this week, I once again used a combination of FitXR, Powerbeats VR, Audio Trip, SynthRiders and Beat Sabre to do my workouts, but I did add one game to the list which may become a bit more regular. That game is GORN, an over-the-top gladiatorial combat game that has me waving my arms around like a madman. It isn’t going to replace the dedicated fitness apps for my workout, but it does make a nice way to round out my exercises session and there is no doubt it keeps me moving. It is stupid fun and if you can grab it at a good price then you could do a lot worse than giving Gorn a bash.

This coming week I should be able to keep the momentum going. I have nothing social booked so I can once again use this lack of social life as a chance to do some real damage to those numbers. Hopefully, it will set me up for the following week in which I will once again be off camping with friends and probably consuming way too many calories. Fingers crossed right?

VR vs Fitness and Fat: Round 2 - 21 Days Down
A graph of the calories I used during January according to Fitbit.

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