Far Cry 6 Brings the Revolution Home in October

Far Cry 6 Brings the Revolution Home in October

The news on the big games just keeps coming at the moment. Following on from Horizon, Dying Light and Sonic all jumping into our newsfeeds last week, Far Cry 6 thought it would steal your weekend with an info and trailer drop.

The trailer shows off quite the chunk of juicy action, with a pet crocodile, a Macarena CD launcher and stunning backdrops stealing the show. We also got a look at the protagonist of the game, Dani Rojas along with key figure Juan Cortez and get a sneaky peek at how they plan to overthrow Dictator Anton Castillo (played by The Mandalorian and Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito).

We also got a look at the different version of the game that will be launching on October 7. There is a range of versions from the basic game up to a $300 collectors edition that comes with an epic statue to compliment the epic price. Far Cry 6 has also been confirmed for PC, Xbox One/Series and PS4/5 so everyone should be able to get in on the action without too much trouble.

Far Cry 6 is looking to bring back some classic elements from past Far Cry games while forging a new path with how the main gameplay loop plays out. Only time will tell if Ubisoft will succeed, but I am certainly keen to find out.

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