Eastasiasoft Summer Showcase

Eastasiasoft Summer Showcase

Publisher Eastasiasoft has dropped a 10 minute showcase showing off a few of their upcoming games. I’ll be straight, it’s hit and miss, but a couple of the hits look really interesting – Xuan Yuan Sword could be a real under the radar hit for RPG fans, and Trigger Witch looks… novel.

Crimson Spires

Romance and supernatural mystery collide in this Otome visual novel/mystery thriller with first-person exploration sections. Out on consoles later this year. 

Omen of Sorrow 

Four-button 2.5D horror monster fighting game now coming soon to Xbox.

Drunken Fist

A ridiculous 3rd person brawler with blocky aesthetics coming soon to PS5.


Xuan Yuan Sword 7 

Chinese developed third-person open-world adventure RPG built upon ancient Chinese lore and mythology. Coming Winter 2021.

Paradox Error

Fourth wall breaking with neat looking glitch tough as nails 2D Platformer. Just released on June 9th 2021.

Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire

A solitaire game with strategic elements. Involves dress-ups for an all-female lineup of characters, so, remains to be seen whether this one is uh… just super creepy. Out June 17th.

Empire of Angels IV

All-female tactical RPG with chibi graphics and turn-based combat. Releasing June 23rd.

Mina and Michi

Single-player top-down 2D puzzle adventure controlling two characters at once. A wide array of difficulty options for the whole family. Dropping June 30th.

Trigger Witch

2D top-down bullet hell-ish adventure from the creator of Reverie. Out July 2021.

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