ESO Heads to the High Isle

EDO Heads to the High Isle

It is fair to say that Elder Scrolls Online’s yearly adventures have been a huge hit. These massive 4 part expansions have seen players revisiting classic Elder Scrolls locations like Skyrim and Morrowind to tackle year long adventures either on their own, or with a group of friends in tow. But this year something new is happening. Instead of a previously visited location, ESO is heading to the High Isle, a brand new, never-before-seen Elder Scrolls locale, to discover the Legacy of the Brentons. 

To learn more about the high isle, we turn to a press release from Bethesda: In High Isle, ESO’s more than 20 million players will experience an island paradise steeped in medieval culture and architecture, complete with magnificent castles and exciting tournament grounds. The story of this year’s Chapter focuses on political intrigue, and High Isle is the perfect getaway destination for alliance delegates to take on peace talks that would put an end to the Three Banners War. While the summit is hosted by the noble Society of the Steadfast, players should beware of The Ascendant Order and their chaotic motives.

A previously unexplored region, the Systres Archipelago takes inspiration from the beautiful, windswept shores of the Mediterranean. Here lies the stunning world of High Isle, home of the Bretons, descendants of both humans and elves. The social elite live in the feudalistic society of Gonfalon Bay, the center point of all political dealings on High Isle. Above all, ruthlessness is a virtue here, so players will have to watch their backs!

But a new location isn’t the only thing hitting ESO. Not one, but two new companions will be arriving, Ember a magically talented Kahjiit who grew up on the streets and Isobel, A Brenton Knight with a firm code to do what’s right. There will also be a brand new card game that players can indulge in called Tales of Tribute, which will have both PvP and PvE modes. 

So it seems like another hefty expansion for an MMO that really does cater for everyone. The High Isle releases on June the 6th this year. You can check out the pre-purchase bonuses below. 

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