Forget the Xbox Fridge, Here is the ESO Chilly Chest

Forget the Xbox Fridge, Here is the ESO Chilly Chest

It is no secret that the Aussie PR team for Elder Scrolls Online comes up with some fantastic gear to celebrate the various expansions and additions added to the game over the years. From the Hot Sauce of Oblivion to Mehrunes Dagon themed controllers, it is always exciting to see what wild piece of merch they come up with next. Well for the recently announced High Isle expansion, the team have probably come up with their best bit of gear yet. 

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it is a fully functional ice chest made to look like a treasure chest from the High Isle. I mean it doesn’t get much cooler (groan) than that right? These chests are all individually made by Scrap Shop Props and have been created from recycled materials. The chest comes with a key that doubles as a bottle opener so you can always be safe in the knowledge that you can get to the treasure inside. 

As you would expect, these bad boys are strictly in the “limited edition” territory and won’t be available to buy. But all hope is not lost, by heading to the Bethesda ANZ social pages, you could win one Chilly chest chock full of Brenton Bitters, a custom soft drink created at Berts Soft Drinks, and a Brenton Society of Steadfast themed beach towel. 

So what are you waiting for, head over and bug Bethesda on their Twitter channel to try and get one of these amazing pieces, you will be the envy of all your Kahjiit friends. 

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