New Year New Location for ESO

New Year New Location for ESO

So back in 2020 I made a mistake. I thought a global pandemic with lockdowns was the perfect time to get into a grand scale MMO and thus my ESO addiction was born. Since that time one of my biggest regrets is failing to find more time to play ESO and discover more from this insanely detailed and engaging world that Bethesda has put together. That desire is only going to increase because once again the game is expanding into new territories.

After the highly successful Gates of Oblivion expansion last year, this year ESO is heading to new places, places that will be revealed during a special presentation on the Bethesda Twitch channel at 7am AEDT on the 28th of January. I can’t wait to see what epic new land ESO will offer for explores and then face the crushing realisation that I won’t have enough time to explore it all. In the meantime, ESO is on Gamepass so you should totally check it out, even if you aren’t into traditional MMOs. It really does cater to solo players better than any other game in the genre. 

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