Steve-O and Goats: What Could Go Wrong

Steve-O and Goats: What Could Go Wrong

Every year during the stupidity that is April Fools there is a gag that I desperately want to be real. This is that gag for 2022. 

I present to you the press release for GOAT Simulator: The Movie Musical directed by Steve-O

Actor and world-renowned stuntman Steve-O has revealed he will be stepping into the director’s chair for a brand-new musical blockbuster set to become the G.O.A.T of all video game big screen adaptations. Pictured on his farm with his own herd of goats, Steve-O and Coffee Stain have partnered to create an udderly original film, Goat Simulator: The Musical Motion Picture.  Based on Coffee Stain’s globally successful video-game ‘Goat Simulator’, Goat Simulator: The Musical Motion Picture will continue the story of the game’s protagonist ‘Pilgor’ as they leave the comfort of the farm in pursuit of stardom. 

Goat Simulator: The Musical Motion Picture official synopsis reads:

“A small town goat, Pilgor works on the farm like the other animals but dreams of becoming a big-time musical movie star. However, since kidhood, they have harboured a strange, mysterious ‘curse’ which sees random and inexplicably disastrous events happen wherever they go. Shunned by the other animals after causing one too many weird barnyard accidents, Pilgor finally heads to the city in pursuit of fame, a huge barn full of the finest hay…. and someone to milk them daily. Full of drama and hoof-biting action, Goat Simulator: The Musical Motion Picture will follow Pilgor’s attempts to take Hollywood by storm, sometimes literally, as the ‘curse’ sets them on a crash course with a carousel of colourful characters. Pilgor’s first audition  outing leads to an alien abduction, they accidentally summon a ghost whilst researching a role and even open up a portal to another dimension (run by the squirrel mafia) by over-enthusiastically circling job ads. Will Pilgor’s dazzling personality, talent and winning goat-y smile be enough to convince Hollywood they have the chops to join the industry’s A-List? Will Pilgor overcome the ‘curse’?  Or will these bizarre adventures and new friends somehow help Pilgor discover the true star within?”

Goat Simulator: The Musical Motion Picture will feature 12 original songs including the country rock ballad “Grass Ain’t Always Greener”, the soulful “Hooves Don’t Fail Me Now”, hip-hop number “N.U.T.S. aka Never Underestimate the Squirrel”, ghostly melodic folk track “Look Right Through Me”, punk rock inspired “Mess with the Goat (you get the horns)” and the pop anthem showstopper  “BAA!”.

Steve-O and the teams at Coffee Stain Publishing and Coffee Stain North are now on the hunt for a herd of new talent and have issued an open casting call for fans to put themselves forward if they think they’ve ‘goat’ what it takes. Celebrities including James Buckley have already set the baa incredibly high with their audition tapes for a leading role. The audition script calls on auditionees to show their emotional range whilst testing how well they can channel their inner goat.

Anyone can now submit their performances of the audition script on TikTok with #GoatSimMovie and @GoatSimulatorGame. Further details on how to audition can be found on Goat Simulator’s official TikTok channel (@GoatSimulatorGame).

Steve-O, Director of Goat Simulator: The Musical Motion Picture said of the project: “I may know nothing about video games but I do love goats, so when Coffee Stain approached me with their idea for Goat Simulator: The Musical Motion Picture I was instantly up for it. It’s going to be like nothing else anyone has ever seen – while we’re still in the early stages of production we’re now searching for the perfect Pilgor with an open casting call on Goat Simulator’s official TikTok, so show us what you’ve got!”

Albert Säfström, VP of Publishing at Coffee Stain said: “Everyone can see that video game adaptations are currently having somewhat of a renaissance. Recent titles such as The Witcher and Sonic The Hedgehog have seen great success but they don’t have what we do – goats. We felt it was our duty to bring the incredible story of Pilgor to the masses and delve deeper into this complex character. We are thrilled to work with Steve-O on Goat Simulator: The Musical Motion Picture and can’t wait to share his incredible vision for this film with Goat Simulator fans everywhere.”

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