Player 2 Vs Summer Game Fest 2022

Player 2 Vs Summer Game Fest 2022

The hollow shambling corpse of E3 has been replaced by a host of separate digital events. The first of those events is Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, which has been and gone. But the question is, was it worth getting up at 4am for? Paul and Matt dive in to find out.

Street Fighter 6

Matt: Street Fighter 6 is already looking more interesting than the rather bland SF5. The combat looks nice and chunky and it was nice to see the greatest hairdo in gaming make a comeback. Guile is great and all, but what I really want to know is what this World Tour mode is about. It strikes me as something similar to what Netherrealm has done in the past and it could take SF into mass market success, rising above its current (large) niche status. 

Paul: I’m concerned about the game becoming oversaturated based on the cadence established with last week’s State of Play and now the Keighley’s. It could be a byproduct of the time of year that we’re in, but I’m concerned that everywhere we go we’re going to see Street Fighter 6, and that’s going to quickly grate on me. What we’re seeing so far looks great, but please Capcom, show restraint!

Aliens: Dark Descent

Matt: This was an odd trailer, it seemed to be ramping towards a tense, more action-focused version of Alien Isolation until the last few seconds showed the game is a co-op twin-stick shooter. That doesn’t make it bad, I love a good twin-stick, but it was almost jarring coming out of the blue

Paul: Agreed, the way this was presented was poor, with the trailer not at all being representative of what the actual game is. I’m keen on the game but let’s just begin by being honest with what you are next time.

The Callisto Protocol

Matt: The Dead Space DNA is strong here. In fact, throw in a gun that slices limbs vertically and horizontally and it is the same thing, but prettier. That is not a bad thing because it has been a long time between drinks and Dead Space was always one of the few horror franchises I really got into. Keen to see how this goes when it launches in December. 

Paul: I’m super excited about everything relating to the Callisto Protocol. I’m a Dead Space lover from way back so to see Glen Schofield getting so excited about a brutal, visceral sci-fi shooter with limb dismemberment and grotesque deaths has me all warm inside

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Matt: I liked the 2019 Modern Warfare and I hope this follows the same path. It sure does look like more Call of Duty but that can be a good thing. Knowing that this will be the last COD for a couple of years means there is a fair bit of pressure on this one nailing it. Here’s hoping.

Paul: The 2019 Modern Warfare reboot was the first COD I’ve really gotten into, so I’m pretty keen for the follow-up. The scenario for the demo that they showed was straightforward enough, but the shooting was excellent, and I’m all about more Modern Warfare so sign me up come launch.

Flashback 2

Matt: Well if there was one sequel I never thought we’d see it is Flashback 2. Way back in the olden days of 486 Pcs this was one hell of a game. It took the formula of the original Prince of Persia and evolved it to the next level. It will be interesting to see what has changed in 30 odd years.

Paul: Can’t say I ever knew of Flashback when I was younger, but I’m intrigued to learn more for sure.

Fort Solis

Matt: More space scares, this time with Troy Baker. Not much clue as to what the gameplay will be like but I get the feeling it will be more of a thriller than straight-up scares. I really need to see more to determine personal hype levels though.

Paul: Troy Baker has been in so many games that no matter what he does anymore he stands out immediately. I was more excited to see Roger Clark up there following his work on Red Dead 2. As you say, it’s hard to know what we’re getting in a gameplay sense but tonally it’s pretty cool and I’m keen for more.


Matt: Magic based FPS’ are few and far between so this game immediately got my attention. It looks a little drab in the colour palette but the combat looks tight. Keen to get my hands on it as soon as possible when it hits early access. 

Paul: I fell in love with this Astronauts X People Can Fly collaboration when Geoff announced it years and years ago. I was genuinely concerned it would never come out though, so to hear it’s now fairly close to being available through Early Access has me really hyped. Let me at it now!


Matt: I had forgotten this was even a thing. Yet another entry in the space scares category. Not much to see, but nice to know it is coming after all this time. 

Paul: Another one of the many horror games Geoff had landed for this event and by the time Routine came along I was starting to tire of them if I’ll be honest. What’s there looks promising, but I need it to show up next alone, without other, bigger horror games around it to steal its thunder.

Outriders: Worldslayer

Matt: After having just completed another playthrough of the original game, I am keen for more. I think marketing really screwed up with Outriders and that led to players thinking it was something that it wasn’t. Hopefully, now we know what we are getting (and fingers crossed for no game-breaking bugs) this will get a better reception.

Paul: I’ve been saying it for 6 months that I need to get started on Outriders, and now, with Worldslayer nearly here I’ll say it again – I really need to get started on Outriders. I really like all that I’ve seen from the game and this expansion, but I just haven’t been able to give it the time yet. Time to change all of that ASAP

Fall Guys: Free for All

Matt: Fall Guys, F2P, Nuff Said

Paul: I was in love with Fall Guys, even got the platinum trophy which almost nobody has been able to do, but I can’t go back anymore. It’s fun, but I just can’t allow myself to get lost on the hamster wheel of playing it round after round. Good luck to them though!


Matt: An interesting trailer that has nothing whatsoever to do with gameplay. This is exciting though because it is a new RTS from Warcraft 3 and Starcraft veterans. The old tank rush fan in me is keen to see more.

Paul: Cool CG trailer, but had it not been for press releases saying that this was an RTS from ex-Warcraft 3 devs, then I’d be none the wiser. Combining that knowledge then I’m pretty keen but as a standalone piece it’s a bit lacking.


Matt: Stunning but I can’t shake the feeling we have seen this before in another game. I need to see more gameplay to see if it is a simple retread of old ground or something genuinely new.

Paul: A really striking title with a really engaging musical accompaniment but I’d have loved to have gotten a bit more context for what we’re doing. It’s coming in 2022, so I expect we’ll get some of those answers really soon

American Arcadia

Matt: One of the more interesting titles for me. The game is essentially the Truman Show and you play as someone trying to escape the spotlight. It looks like a fascinating adventure and I am very keen to dive in.

Paul: There’s a really cool vibe to this one! From the art style to the tone of the trailer and the music that backed it, I’m into the escape concept they have going. Keen to learn more about it.

Goat Simulator 3

Matt: Well I know one thing. Youtubers, Streamers and my kids will be happy. Goat-based chaos ensues.

Paul: They skipped Goat Simulator 2 because? They made Goat Simulator 3 because? I was drifting in and out of consciousness at about this stage of the show, what with it being about 5AM and all that. Pretty glad that at this moment my brain was elsewhere.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Matt: I want this game, even though we have barely seen any gameplay. The name Firaxis is enough for me to be in full hype mode and we now have an October release date. It has been too long since Xcom and while this isn’t exactly the same, I am hoping it scratches the same itch.

Paul: Such a weird marketing cycle here. Previews were going live around the internet talking about the gameplay and yet 2K presented a trailer that lacked gameplay? I’m sure things will continue to ramp up from there given the October date but this was a missed opportunity to go much bigger than they did. It was enough for me to lock my preorder in though.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

Matt: Stunning 1920s animation death cycle. Again. For the last time. Good to see a bit more of it ahead of its release in a couple of days.

Paul: The core Cuphead experience broke me, so sadly, for as excellent as the DLC (brilliant naming convention by the way) looks, I just can’t bring myself to give it a chance… at least for now, I need an open month to beat my head against the Cuphead door, get through it, before I could even give this expansion a shot

Neon White

Matt: A strangely intriguing card-based FPS for Switch and PC, Neon White could be a winner. I feel like I need some hands-on time to be sure, but there is just something about it that tells me if the balance is right, this could be a surprise hit.

Paul: Look out for more from P2 on Neon White reeeeally soon *wink wink*

Midnight Fight Express

Matt: This was another of my favourite announcements. It feels like the next step up from games like Redeemer and Resolver, both of which I loved. Very excited to dive into this one. 

Paul: Geoff has given this one a platform previously and I’m thrilled he’s done so again because the game, developed by a single person, is shaping up incredibly well. Cannot wait to crack in this August, a date that is much sooner than I would have expected

Honkai Star Rail

Matt: Look, it just isn’t my thing plus the F2P stuff is rather off-putting. Pass.

Paul: Look, I loved the idea of Genshin Impact but never got the chance to give it a go, and then there was of course the MTCs  – Honkai Starrail looks like it could be a sci-fi Genshin, so if the stars align then sure, I might give it a go, but I’m in no rush.

Zenless Zone Zero

Matt: As above, though the combat looks more exciting.

Paul: There’s definitely more to like from the Zenless Zone Zero trailer, namely that they show some more pure gameplay that does look pretty cool. That said, I’m not a big anime guy, and only very specific anime-y styles appeal – I’m not sure yet if this one will tick the box, but I’m also not yet willing to rule it out either

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

Matt: This is going to be great. I love me a good 4 player beat-em-up and the OG TMNT game was one of the best. The fact this can support up to six players is amazing, though I imagine that will be chaos on screen. It is coming next week so we will find out soon enough.

Paul: Everyone knew this one was coming, and that the date was imminent, but it was nonetheless great to see the game here, to see that date confirmed and to get my hype going for what is shaping up to be a really cool turt- I mean, title.

Super People

Matt: Looks like yet another battle royale… pass.

Paul: When the endless attempts at the Battle Royale throne end, it won’t be a moment too soon.

One Piece Odyssey

Matt: Look, history isn’t kind to this sort of Anime based game and nothing here tells me that will change. Looks like a 6/10 game all the way.

Paul: I mentioned earlier that only very specific types of anime appeal to me… and One Piece is not one of them. Skip


Soul Hackers 2

Matt: Creepy techno vibes, I have no knowledge of the first title and this trailer didn’t have much in the way of gameplay so I am still in the dark. Dig the style though.

Paul: So much hype from Persona fans, but I doubt many of them played the original, so the hype is all just noise so far. This trailer didn’t show much either, so *shrugs*, it’s out in August I guess?

Metal Hellsinger

Matt: I’ve been playing the demo and this game is amazing. I don’t know if it can hold up over a full title, but boy am I excited to find out. The soundtrack is amazing and I am praying for a vinyl release. More games with metal, please.

Paul: Downloaded the demo immediately after the show because I’ve been taken by Metal Hellsinger since it first debuted. I’m not even a metal guy but I’m into everything they’re showing from this one.


Matt: The survival aspects worry me a bit. I often find them tedious and feel they take the joy out of a lot of games, but I am willing to give this team the benefit of the doubt. The style and setting look wonderfully unique and there is something here that could take the world by storm if they can get the balance right.

Paul: In Aaryn Flynn I trust. I don’t have that much else to say here, because typically the survival and card-based elements would turn me off, so I’ll need a whole lot more to sway me. It looks really nice, but I’m going to need a gameplay deep dive at some point.

Warhammer 40k: Darktide

Matt: Warhammer 4 Dead is back, this time in the 40K universe. 4 player orc massacres are the order of the day and I am pretty sure you already know if it is for you. The fact it is launching on Gamepass will help its day one player numbers though.

Paul: This could be the Warhammer title to get me into Warhammer titles. It’s bloody and brutal, broody and brilliant, give me more of it.

Layers of Fears

Matt: Stupid name, stunning game. Not my thing, but Bloober sure know horror so I am positive it will find its audience.

Paul: I was so far beyond burnt out on horror by this stage, maybe Geoff recognised that possibility and saved the weakest til last. The name is awful, Bloober Team still unproven, and so I would’ve loved to have been able to again have the brain drift off here – not to be though.

Gotham Knights

Matt: Nightwing flippy spinny stuff, I have seen enough of this one now. The hype cycle has gone on for too long.  I need to play it before I lose all interest. 

Paul: I’m super into Gotham Knights, but the marketing decisions made lately have been less than inspiring. Batman clearly isn’t going to be dead, and the Court of Owls, the dark legion that had us all super interested to begin with have been kicked to the curb lately and it’s leaving my early confidence shaken. Next time we see Gotham Knights, it needs to get back in touch with what the game so appealing in the first place.

The Last of Us: Part 1 - Remake

Matt: Is this needed? Not really, the original is still a very good looking game, but there is no escaping the fact that The Last of Us is a landmark title so an even prettier version with enhanced combat and quality of life improvements isn’t going to be a bad thing. I will probably wait for the PC version to check it out though. 

Paul: Neil Druckmann walked on stage and so naturally the Sony Pony in me caused me to begin foaming at the mouth. No, the remake is unnecessary, but I’m absolutely going to be buying it and playing it instantly. The concept art for what I assume will be a full-blown Factions game also has me super interested for its presumed launch in 2023. Meanwhile, some nuggets about the HBO show and the fact that Neil himself is working on something else altogether has me super hyped for my favourite studio in the business.

Final Thoughts

Matt: This was an average show. Driving to work after the event I struggled to remember any moments of pure excitement. That isn’t to say what was shown was bad, quite the opposite, just there was no real “pop” moments and nothing too surprising at all. In all I think it probably could be been a bit shorter as well, 2 hours is a long time when something kicks off at 4am. I am glad I watched it, but I hardly feel energised by it, which is what a good conference should do.

Paul: Yep, this one was pretty lacklustre, the first really big miss by Geoff since he struck out on his own, free of television networks etc. There were no bombshells here, and sadly, the biggest reveal he had leaked online hours before the show, and Jason Schreirer leaked 18 months prior. No Xbox, Square-Enix, Ubisoft or EA at all was odd, but I’d imagine he has plenty lined up for for GamesCom Opening Night Live. This was the opening salvo, and it was a bit lacklustre, but I’m sure he’s already stacked the deck for a great follow up in a couple of months.

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