More PlayStation VR2 Features Revealed

More PlayStation VR2 Features Revealed


Needing an escape from reality? If the last few years on planet Earth haven’t quite gone your way, Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia today announced some exciting features of the upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset sure to help PlayStation 5 owners plan a virtual break, all possible from the comfort of their own homes.

Listed here are the features for your perusing pleasure, conveniently organised in order of importance in this writers opinion.


1. Higher Resolution in VR Mode, Full HD in Cinematic Mode

It’s no secret that one of the most underwhelming aspects of the OG PS VR was the resolution, which felt like a step down from displays in 2016, let alone in 2022. Almost doubling resolution from 1920×1080 to 4000×2040 will go a long way in making more immersive experiences that don’t look like they’ve had a solid smear of Vasoline over them.

Cinematic Mode remains to provide users with a virtual cinema experience on which to view streaming content and play non-VR games, albeit at 1920×1080 which may be a step down for many PS5 users rocking 4K displays.

2. See-Through View

A key issue with OG PS VR was the difficulty in pausing play – somebody comes into the room to ask a question, or you can’t quite remember where you set the controls down and the headset has to come off. Thanks to a front-facing camera, the PS VR2 manages to sidestep these problems and allow users to switch quickly between viewing their game and their real-world surroundings.

3. Adjust for Play Space

One of the biggest factors limiting an area’s VR suitability is its size. While a standard feature for PC based VR devices for a while now, PS VR2 brings a similar feature set to the console-based system, using its cameras to map-out a play area suitable for each play space while allowing users to tweak these dimensions as they desire. Limiting the size of the play area could also assist users with limited mobility, ensuring they don’t have to traverse bigger spaces than they find comfortable.

4. Stream Your Shame

If strangers watching your awkward movements isn’t a concern, then why not take advantage of the new broadcast capabilities? Players can use a PS5 HD Camera to stream themselves while using PS VR2, a feature that will no doubt result in a huge amount of impressive Beat Saber videos making the less coordinated players writhe with jealousy.

PS VR2 doesn’t yet have a confirmed release date or price, but we’ll be sure to update Player2 readers once we know more.


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