Aussie Superhero Title Capes Announced

Aussie Superhero Title Capes Announced

In news that is so exciting I can hardly contain my joy, key members from Defiant Development have formed a new studio and announced their first game. You might remember Defiant from their exquisite Hand of Fate games (hand on heart, some of the best games to ever come from the land down under) and their closure was a seriously sad day for many of us in the industry. The new studio is called Spitfire Interactive and their first game is a tactical turn-based game called Capes. 

Capes takes the Xcom formula it inserts it in a world where evil super-villans have won. The era of the superhero has long gone, but a new breed of super-powered folk are rising to take on the regime and free humanity. From the trailer, this is exactly my sort of jam and I am so excited to go hands-on as soon as humanly possible. 

For those of you that are old like me, you might know this already but Morgan Jaffit, the Director of Spitfire Interactive cut his teeth on the excellent superhero RPG, Freedom Force. In a press release, Morgan commented on how it is serendipitous to return to the theme. “I started my career writing on Freedom Force alongside Ken Levine, so this feels like a return to where my journey began. My team and I want to explore the ‘darker side of every coin’ and we have the best people possible to do it.”

You have no idea how happy this news makes me. Hand of Fate is one of my favourite indies of all time and this genre is very much my thing. Knowing this talented team has such a cool-looking game coming out is just wonderful. Capes is scheduled for release on PC via Steam in Q1 of 2023 so we won’t have to wait too long. Here’s hoping we can get a look at it in action at PAX AUS later in the year. 

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