Retro PlayStation Magazine Kickstarted

Retro PlayStation Magazine Kickstarted

Have you been looking for a return to classic video game physical magazines? How about those dedicated to PlayStation? Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of retro games? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our very own Paul James is contributing to something that you might very much like to learn more about. RPM, the Retro PlayStation Magazine comes from 2 Old 4 Gaming founder Sandeep Rai, the lead behind “It Only Did Everything” and is now amidst a Kickstarter campaign with less than a week to go. Already having raised over $15,000 AUD, more than triple it’s initial goal, the campaign is surging towards success and a short turn-around to launch.

From the campaign, part of the pitch reads “Each issue will include reviews of games from PlayStation Plus’ Classic Catalogue and detailed retrospectives revisiting the history of one classic Sony franchise – for this issue that series is Gran Turismo.” For what it’s worth, our own Paul James has contributed a review of the PS3 title, God Of War: Ascension.

Issue One is already complete and will be ready for distribution almost as soon as the campaign concludes, while development on Issue Two is already underway. If you wish to lend your support, you can get a physical copy delivered to Australia for as little as $26 AUD, and digitally, direct to your inbox for $12 AUD.
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