An Update From Player 2

An Update From Player 2

Hello there dear readers, 

It’s your friendly P2 Editor, Matt here with an update on a few things happening here that may seem a little different for our regular readers. First some context though. P2 is coming up on its 10th birthday and in that time we have managed to do quite a lot with very little. We have prided ourselves on providing a unique look at the Australian gaming landscape without resorting to click-bait, sensationalism and obnoxious advertising to make our way. Sadly though, with the rising price of… well everything… we are going to have to make some changes in order to stay active.

Some of the P2 Team at PAX Aus 2023

Up until now, Player 2 has been largely self-funded out of my own pocket. We have recieved small amounts of money from our YouTube channel and Patreon but otherwise, it has been essentially my cash keeping us afloat. I am ok with that. I love what the team has built here and am happy to have been able to provide a place for writers new and old to share their thoughts on video games. But that is becoming untenable, the costs are becoming quite a burden to me personally so we are looking at ways to raise a few dollars to run the site. 

With that in mind, we are doing a few things. The first is an increased push for our YouTube content. If you are a regular reader you may have noticed that we are doing a lot more video content of late. That is partly because it is fun to do but also it has the added benefit of sending a little cash our way. So one of the ways you can help us out is by simply checking out this content and subscribing to our channel. 

The next thing on the list readers can do to help is maybe buy a bit of merch. Simply head to our Merch store at Redbubble and grab something. We are going to make an effort to get some more designs up in the store for people to grab so keep an eye on it for updates soon.

Finally, we have decided to join the Amazon Affiliates program. Now this means that on our pages there will be links that take you to Amazon to give you the option of buying products. If you do buy something, we get a small commission as a result.  This is something I have thought long and hard about, both from an integrity standpoint as well as how the user experience may suffer. In the end it feels like the best option for us and a way to avoid those rolls and rolls of ads that you see on a lot of websites these days. We will not be including these links on our reviews at all, so there is no perception of affecting our opinion, but we will have them in feature articles, news pieces and other various articles around the site. 

It is my sincere hope that these changes in no way affect your enjoyment of P2 and its content while at the same time giving us some financial assistance in covering the ever-increasing costs associated with running the site. We will be watching this space very closely and making sure that if readers are having a terrible time with the things we have implemented, we can make changes swiftly. 

So as we get closer to our 10th birthday I just wanted to finish this with a heartfelt thanks. We have come a long way from our humble beginnings and now like to think of ourselves as a mainstay of the Australian gaming media. None of that is possible without our readers, so thanks. 

Onwards and upwards.

Matt Hewson

Editor –

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