The Fuzzies Review – Soft Landing

The Fuzzies – Soft Landing

CMYK Games’ The Fuzzies is a stacking game with a few twists that’s great for families of all sizes and players ages 3 and up. Participants draw a card denoting which colour ‘fuzzy’ they need to move to a higher position anywhere on the tower using either their fingers or the included tweezers. If any Fuzzies fall off, you flip up to three cards over to their ‘challenge’ side which will make your next turn even harder – you might have to cover one eye, use your non-dominant hand or even both of the above while you touch your nose with one hand and thread the other through the hoop this makes to grab your next Fuzzy. If more than ten fuzzies ever get knocked off during your turn, you lose and its game over!

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The Fuzzies is from the same trio behind Wavelength, which includes designers Justin Vickers (Monikers, Spots), Alex Hague (Monikers, Spots) and Wolfgang Warsch, the latter of whom is also well known for other excellent titles like Quacks of Quedlinburg, Ganz Schon Clever and Taverns of Tiefenthal. The entire package is contained in a single cup and base structure making it portable and robust, something you can throw in a bag and take on a trip to the park, beach or just to a friend’s house. The artwork by Adamantia Chatzivassileiou from Beetroot Design is reminiscent of a young children’s book with bright colours and cartoonish card imagery which give The Fuzzies a dash of personality while also making the instructions exceptionally clear – this is a game you can explain in under a minute which helps the younger players jump right in and turns go quick enough that nobody will be waiting so long that they’ll lose interest.   

The Fuzzies is a fun dexterity challenge which relies on some skill, strategy and luck – the perfect blend for an approachable game that stands up to multiple plays. The quick playtime and reset means it’s not hard to get through multiple plays a row and the packaging solves one of the biggest issues faced by its competitors which often require a lengthy setup process to create the ‘tower’; here, you just squish the Fuzzies back into their cup and you’re good to go. Because of its broad appeal, easy to learn rules and flexible player count, The Fuzzies makes an ideal gift this holiday season for couples and families looking for something a little different.  Available at many leading stores like JB Hi-Fi, you can also directly support Player2 by purchasing The Fuzzies via our Amazon Affiliate Link

The Fuzzies was reviewed with a copy of the game kindly supplied by PR.

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