Relive A Historic Final Fantasy VII Date in Sydney!

Relive A Historic Final Fantasy VII Date in Sydney!

To celebrate the impending release of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, Square Enix and SIE Australia have teamed up with Fortress Sydney to give lucky couples the romantic opportunity of a lifetime!

As many fans may remember, an iconic scene in the original release of Final Fantasy VII occurs when players first visits the Golden Saucer, with Cloud taking out that special someone he’as been getting close to up to that point for a memorable evening.

Cloud Barrett Fireworks

On February 14th, 2024, Fortress Sydney is getting a Golden Saucer inspired makeover complete with themed food and beverages, a unique cocktail, FFVII related trivia events and much more to let fans make their own Valentine’s Day celebration they won’t soon forget. To cap things off, attendees will also get the chance for some hands-on time with FFVII Rebirth before it launches on February 29th. 

With limited availability tickets expected to go fast, those interested can enter via this link for a chance at a double pass to this exclusive evening. Be sure to get in quick however, as tickets will be allocated on February 8th.


Cloud Tifa Fireworks

Running from 7-10PM, this once-in-a-lifetime event is sure to set off some heart-shaped fireworks for Final Fantasy fans or their partners looking for something a little different for that special someone. So don’t hesitate, hit this link and kick off your Valentine’s evening with a bang!

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