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Go for Pro 

I SMITE thee!

When Hi-Rez Studios came out with Smite, I was instantly hooked by the concept. MOBA games and I have always clicked with its intrinsic reward system, it always felt like I was not only playing a competitive game; but I was tapping into a game in which there was a mountain of depth. SMITE of course tipped this on its head with what seemed like (initially) a very simple concept, changing the top down ‘RTS’ perspective into a 3rd person, and it only took a few games to realise just how different this genre would now be.

It was with a great surprise then, when a press release came across our desks about an Australian and New Zealand Pro League that will be occurring this year! What makes this eSports news even better for the Oceanic Region is that it’s as open as possible.

The developers have stated they’re after the best team in the Oceanic Region, the team who earns this title will be sent to Atlanta for the Smite World Championships – 2016. For those attending PAX Aus this year, the finals will be held there, so it appears that RIOT will have some competition this time around, the real winners of course will be the crowds.

It’s nice to see AU and NZ being treated like a real region instead of the annoying uncle that gets asked to the family BBQ and proceeds to sit next to you so you’re forced to listen to his supposedly cool stories for hours on end. For more details on how to register your team (and anyone can do it) go here:  au.Cybergamer.com and get your game on!

This ladder begins at the end of March, so don’t dawdle!


ESL One Katowice

We reported last week about Australia making it to the final play offs in the CS:GO ESL One. Sadly our fellow Aussies were sent to the loser’s bracket in their first match against a very fired up fnatic, going down 3 – 16.

Vox Eminor looked good in their follow up match, completely smashing Flipsid3 Tactics 16 – 2 but lost against Natus Vincere in another one sided match. There is no shame in losing to either team however, especially with fnatic taking the honours of first place! In true Aussie style Vox Eminor gave it their all and can very much hold their heads high with the skill they showcased on the world level of CS:GO eSports.

For the full standings / videos and results, go check out the ESL One website here: http://www.esl-one.com/csgo/katowice-2015/standings/


Adam Rorke

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