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Go for Pro

The king is here!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the world of eSports and to kick things off I attended the finals for the glorious King of Canberra event! After a great start in the first event, Vlad was in prime position to run away with 1st place!

Coming in close behind though was Cary’s Chun-Li and K7 with his Akuma and Decapre combo! It was no surprise of course that the closest matches of the day were between these two players. Every round seemed like a nail biter and was reminiscent of Vlad vs K7, in which one hit to either side would result in a win. Cary ended up stealing the show though 7-5.

A stand out on the player who was most improved though was Matt Diep! After qualifying in the B League King of Canberra event (and completely trashing this author 7-3), Matt had many close matches with the more seasoned players in the A League division, even going 7-6 against a previous winner!

Vlad was not to be stopped though, and in brutal fashion and an amazing display of solid fundamentals, his Ryu bullied his remaining opponents and was a clear winner! Congratulations to all players who competed and a huge ‘OSU’ to Vlad, the new King of Canberra!

If you’re interested in joining in the Canberra FGC you can start by joining their Facebook page here:


Stop it, you’re killing me!

Killer Instinct fans are definitely going to be happy chappies. The fan favourite Cinder was just released in the latest Season 2 update and to celebrate, Iron Galaxy said that they would donate up to $100,000 in the first week to directly help fund tournaments across the world including EVO 2015!

The community is strong in this game and players helped them fund this goal in 3 days. As an added bonus, Iron Galaxy said that if the goal was met then they would make Shadow Jago a playable character with his own move set and balanced for tournament play.

So I guess we can all now look forward to some bigger prize pools for KI in the very near future as well as Shadow Jago FINALLY being a playable character! This is great news for Australians as we never got the chance to even get his skin being that it was an exclusive for the PIN edition, a version of the game that was never sold on our fair shores.



All smiles for Oceanic LoL

Mark the 8th of August down in your diaries LoL fans, because the OPL Grand Final is going to be held at Luna Park this year!

Like any other LoL event, expect community run events during the day and capping it off with some high level team play! Having seen a bunch of these live at various conventions around Australia, there’s always something special about sitting down with hundreds of other like minded people, cheering on a well executed gank or wombo combo.

Events will start at 11am and the live Grand Final starts at 5pm. There are limited seats and tickets available so get in here now if you’re interested and beat the rush:

For more information on Oceanic eSports – http://oce.lolesports.com/


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