Space Marines are coming to E3

Space Marines are coming to E3

The war against Hell’s forces is a never ending one and the next battle is now even closer. Bethesda confirmed today that the next iteration in the venerable Doom franchise will have a world wide gameplay reveal at the Bethesda conference during E3.

This version of Doom has had something of a troubled development history with a version of the game scrapped a few years back due to it not meeting the high standards set by the developer. This version however is apparently right on the mark so hopefully all the development jitters are behind it. Also worth noting that gamers who purchased Wolfenstien: The New Order will get access to a Doom 4 multiplayer beta.

E3 is still a couple of weeks away however but to help you get through the long wait there is a very, very short teaser that will whet your appetite for what will hopefully be a return of the imp slaying, grunt shooting, rocket launching Space Marine that will be loved by new and old fans alike

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