Gamescom 2015

Gamescom 2015

While not quite as big as E3 in terms of announcements, Gamescom is certainly no slouch when it comes to the big game announcements and exciting new details. All the major publishers will be present for the show and Microsoft, EA and Blizzard will also be holding their own big conferences which will all be streamed on Twitch.

So with the bounty of news coming in you may be wondering what our plans are. While we won’t be covering the show to the extent we covered E3 we will be making sure that all the big announcements, trailers and show summaries will be available as soon as possible so make sure you keep checking back to catch up on all the big Gamescom news. Microsoft and EA in particular are promising big things for the show so it is sure to be an exciting couple of days.

If you are super excited the Australian times for the conferences are below. All shows will be on Twitch.TV


August 5 – 12:00am AEST/ 2:00am NZ


Electronic Arts

August 5 – 6:00pm AEST/ 8:00pm NZ



August 5 – 8:00pm AEST/ 10:00pm NZ

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