Player2 are going to EB Expo 2015!

Player2 are going to EB Expo 2015!

If you go back less than 10 years ago, Australia didn’t have a lot to sing and dance about when it came to big conventions on our own soil. Thankfully this is now a thing of the past with many small events and, of course, a handful of big ones.

EB Expo is one such event where gamers of all walks of life can go and play many of the big AAA titles before they’re released, and get some exclusive trailers and information form the developers themselves.


This year, Player2 will be covering EB Expo and bringing you the latest news and hype from the showroom floor and anything else we can get our hands on. We’ve had confirmation on some big titles that will be playable on the day, including (but not limited):

  • Dark Souls 3
  • The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
  • Star Fox: Zero
  • Mirrors Edge Catalyst
  • CoD: BLOPS 3

… Oh and two other small titles I think a few people may know, Halo 5: Guardians will have its 24 player Mode ‘Warzone’ available for all attendees as well as Star Wars – Battlefront!

It goes without saying that we’re pumped to check these games out and bring you all the news from the event in a timely fashion. At the show we will be represented by our editor Matt Hewson, writer James Swinbanks and myself so if you see us loitering around don’t be afraid to come and say hi!


We are also planning a very special Podcast for the event too so if you have anything in particular you want us to cover make sure you let us know in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook.

For those interested in attending the event on October 2-4, 2015 at Sydney Olympic Park, you can find more details (and updates as they come) here:

See you there!

Adam Rorke

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