Parties and Golf Together at Last

Parties and Golf Together at Last

Video games sure do like golf. We have had simulations, explosive golf and steampunk golf all within the last 12 months.  Well now we have one more type of golf to add to the list and that is Party Golf.

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Party Golf was developed by Giant Margarita, a small studio located in Tasmania and is being released on the PS4. In fact, it is the first ever game from Tasmania to receive a PS4 release so expect parties all over the apple isle when the game launches on the 4th of October. The game getting to this stage is the direct result of a successful Kickstarter campaign and funding from Screen Tasmania.

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The game looks to be a fun spin on golf with a pick up and play appeal that encourages up to eight people to smack a little white ball around procedurally generated courses that promote insanity and chaos over golf’s more traditional values like precision and finesse. The game even comes with a companion app that players will be able to use to sabotage or assist other players during the game. Check out the trailer below to get a true feeling for what looks to be a blast with friends and family.

Party Golf will be available on PSN on the 4th of October.

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