Final Fantasy 101

Final Fantasy 101

Square Enix has released an all-new trailer for its upcoming title, Final Fantasy XV. Aptly called ‘101’ the new trailer provides viewers with a five-minute crash course in everything they’ll need to know about the game prior to its release next week.

The first thing to hit you about this trailer is the annoying voice over. The narrator kind of speaks to you like you’re an idiot and for five minutes it’ll drive you nuts, however he does have some useful information to share so he’s worth listening to. Once. And then never again. Unless you hate yourself.

Walking you through the characters, storyline and gameplay mechanics, the trailer is worth a watch. Not only that but it gives fans the opportunity to see some all new footage of the world and its foes- which is all very visually impressive.

In other news, Squeenix has announced a launch day update, which includes minor bug fixes and a plethora of new features to enhance the gameplay experience. The ‘Crown Update’ will include new items and animals to collect, camera improvements, new events and scenes from the Kingsglaive film to enhance continuity- and it doesn’t end there!

Final Fantasy XV launches on November 29, 2016 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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