The Weekly Wrap – 31st of July 2017

The Weekly Wrap – 31st of July 2017

JRPG July is winding down but that didn’t stop Player 2 from diving into the genre even further over the past week. Reviews of FFXII, Nier: Automata examinations, A look (or listen as the case may be) at music in JRPGs and a look back at a forgotten JRPG classic all graced Player 2’s virtual pages.

But that’s not all. Matt finally convinced people to let him do a P2 Plays on Tropico 5, Paul looked at Uncharted Lost Legacy in the latest episode of the Insider and the VGC crew took on Super Mario All Stars. All this along with the usual dose of news to keep you updated.

So find a quiet corner and catch up on all of the gaming goodies you may have missed with Player 2’s Weekly Wrap.


The Weekly Wrap - 31st of July 2017
The JRPG July Hub.
VGC 10 - Super Mario All Stars + World
Objects in Space Finds Publishing Partner
A Hat in Time Comes to Consoles
The Insider - Uncharted: Lost Legacy
Dragon Quest XI Confirmed for the West
P2 Plays - Tropico 5




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