The 2017 P2 Charity Marathon – The Best Bits

The 2017 P2 Charity Marathon – The Best Bits

The marathon is over, sleep has been caught up on and the money has been tallied. That this year was a huge success is in no small part due to the wonderful community that we have here at Player 2. So as a little present, Paul has trawled through 24 hours of gaming footage to put together a highlight reel of the big event.

* Warning, may contain Crude Language, People talking gibberish, Large doses of karma and Jenn being very very loud. 

Also as a side note, today is the last day to donate if you wanted to be in with a shot at some sweet prizes. So if you wanted to leave things to the last minute, this is it!

Prizes will be sorted out over the next few days and winners will be contacted via email, so keep an eye on your inbox!

Until next year, thanks for joining us through the P2 Marathon.

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