Team Sonic Racing Roars Onto Consoles This Summer

Team Sonic Racing Roars Onto Consoles This Summer

In exciting news for kart racing fans everywhere, SEGA has announced Team Sonic Racing, a sequel to the popular Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed which released way back in 2012.

Developed by racing studio extraordinaire Sumo Digital who have contributed work to the Forza and Forza Horizon series since the last Sonic racing game, Team Sonic Racing will feature a range of circuits and 15 characters from the Sonic Universe along with a host of game modes.

Team Sonic Racing Roars Onto Consoles This Summer

As well as 12 player online racing and 4 player split screen, there will be the standard Grand Prix, Time Trial and Exhibition Modes fans of the genre have come to expect. Thrown into this is a story based Adventure Mode which will help new players develop skills they can carry over into more competitive modes. Players will also be able to ‘team up’ in Team Adventure mode, with the ability to use moves to assist teammates and defeat the competition.

Although Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles and Tails are all confirmed as playable characters, there has been no mention of other SEGA characters making an appearance as they did in Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. That said, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Sumo Digital saves this content for a DLC release down the road.

The announcement of Team Sonic Racing has confirmed yet another title in the now infamous ‘Walmart Leak’ in the leas up to E3 2018.

Team Sonic Racing Roars Onto Consoles This Summer

Team Sonic Racing will release in Q4 of this year on the Xbox One, PS4 and Switch.

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