Patched Hits Podcast Services

Patched Hits Podcast Services

At long last Patched, Player 2’s weekly gaming show is finally hitting podcast feeds. I couldn’t ignore the growing calls from you, the community to migrate the show to podcast services but at the same time I wasn’t prepared to put in only half the work. Not only will you get tomorrow’s episode, where the trio discusses their 2019 Gaming Resolutions, but beginning RIGHT NOW (some smaller podcast services might still be a few hours/days away) you can catch EVERY SINGLE EPISODE that we’ve ever done in their entirety on your preferred device. The show will as always be recorded and will continue to be available on Youtube but now you have more ways to get involved!

This, of course, means you get episodes beginning with the early days of myself, Damo Camilleri and Jay Parnis, more recently with new team member Matto Phillips, special episodes featuring my then-fiance, now wife, Angelica, guest spots from David Rowe, Michael Steinbach, Ryan Betson, Dylan Blight, Shaun Nicholls, Adam Rorke, Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller & Tim Gettys, and many many more.

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