Explore TMORPG Book of Travels on August 9th

Explore TMORPG Book of Travels on August 9th

Book of Travels looks like a neat twist on the tried and true MMO formula of online multiplayer games of yore. Billing itself as a TMORPG – T for tiny, instead of M for massive – you set out as a Traveller across the realm, crafting your own unique role-playing experience. It also looks absolutely gorgeous with its painterly backdrops. I’m absolutely here for it.

Watch the trailer here for the upcoming Episode 0 release below.

According to developer Might and Delight, players will soon have the opportunity to explore the mysterious world of Braided Shore, a place where kindness is as valuable as skill with a sword.

Express Yourself With Engaging Roleplay

Immersion is a central element of the Book of Travels experience and a key part of its detailed character design. Players are able to craft unique characters whose personalities will shape their in-game story and lay the foundation for their roleplay adventure. Will your character be caring? Messy? Passionate? Maybe even a fussy eater? Once created, your unique character will become a Traveller who is new to the land of Braided Shore, free to explore, have encounters, and shape their own adventure.

An Enchanting World With Darkness at Its Edges

Book of Travels is inspired by the kinds of art, animation, and literature that depict worlds both dark and beautiful. Rendered in exquisite, hand-painted scenery, this is a world that is enchanting to explore – but it’s not without the occasional sinister encounter. Enjoy the safety of well-trodden paths, but stray into the beauty of the wilds and you may find troubles lurking…

Fewer Players, Stronger Connections

Book of Travels is a TMORPG – A Tiny Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game. This is a riff on the usual MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) and in play terms, it means a very different way to share experiences with others in the game. With fewer players available to meet in the game world, connecting with others will be a very special part of the story experience. You will get a whole world to discover with the potential for intimate, unforgettable

Explore TMORPG Book of Travels on August 9th

I don’t know about you, but a chill role-playing experience where stumbling across the odd other player sounds like a rad idea. Keep your eyes peeled for Episode 0, or in other words the early access launch, coming August 9th.


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