The Weekly Wrap – 5th of June 2017

The Weekly Wrap – 5th of June 2017

Boy oh boy did things ramp up this week. Player 2 was bombarded with great content from all of our writers making it one of our busiest weeks in ages. We had a reviews of Injustice 2 and The Surge, a quick look at Snake Pass, an OP on the Witcher TV series and our first look at Battletech. But the big feature for the week was the start of our E3 2017 coverage. Our predictions for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all hit the virtual page.

So if you missed any of this check out the table below and stay tuned to Player 2 for more great content, including extensive E3 coverage, over the next week.

The Surge - Review
VGC 17 - Resident Evil 4
Snake Pass
Team 17's E3 Lineup
Injustice 2 - Review
5 Things for the Witcher TV Adaptation
El Presidente Returns
E3 2017 Predictions - Sony
E3 2017 Predictions - Microsoft
Player 2 Plays - Battletech
E3 2017 Predictions - Nintendo



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