Go for Pro – Aussies Love a Good Fight

Go for Pro – Aussies Love a Good Fight

OPL 2017 Finals

Another year is done for the League of Legends OPL and it was settled in a final battle between Dire Wolves and Chiefs. The 2015, 2016 champions, Chiefs, were the underdogs this time with Dire Wolves going nearly undefeated all year, only losing once to Team Legacy earlier in Split 2.

Chiefs needed to run the gauntlet with the remaining teams in the running to get their crack at Grand Finals glory, and despite a shaky start against Team SIN, they ran through all the other teams like they were sub level 30!

Sadly for Chiefs, this all stopped when they hit the Wolfpack. Dire Wolves showed them, and the rest of the OPL community, why they were in that number 1 spot, running through the challengers 3-1. For everyone problem the Chiefs gave them, Dire Wolves seemed to have an answer. You can watch the entire Grand Finals here:

Dire Wolves now make their way to Worlds where they’ll no doubt take out every other team whilst screaming ‘AUSSIE-AUSSIE-AUSSIE’ only to leave their opponents confused and bewildered. In all seriousness though I know that every Australian LoL player will be cheering them on in every match as will I!

Let’s go Dire Wolves!

Go for Pro - Aussies Love a Good Fight

OzHadou Nationals 15

And this weekend, Australia will play host to the 15th OzHadou Nationals (OHN)! Like last year, this too will be an official CPT event which will no doubt attract some big star players.

Daigo had initially planned to attend again this year and defend his first place title from 2016, but today he had announced that he will be freeing up his schedule for a number of events, starting with OHN. The good news is that Infiltration has confirmed he’ll be there, hot off his win at Manilla Cup where he smashed his way to first place with his incredible Juri!

Make sure you come back to Player2 for coverage and hopefully some interviews that we can sneak through during the weekend. If you can’t make it please make sure you tune into their official Twitch page here:

Being a CPT event, there might possibly be a stream on the official Capcom Fighters Twitch page here:

I’ll be attending myself and I hope to see, yet again, another wonderful turnout with the Aussie FGC scene as we cheer on our locals as they mix it with the best in the world!
Go for Pro - Aussies Love a Good Fight

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