The Weekly Wrap – 11th of September 2017

The Weekly Wrap – 11th of September 2017

So this week we were all playing Destiny, I mean let’s be honest most people probably were. But here at Player 2, we won’t let a small thing like a massively anticipated game get in the way of bringing you all the gaming goodies we could find. Paul and Stephen got together to review the Aussie developed Yonder, Matt got down and dirty with the latest Madden and we had three brand new episodes of our regular Youtube shows. All that a long with a healthy dose of news to keep your gaming fires burning.

So make sure you catch up on everything before we assault you with an onslaught of Destiny 2 goodies, coming your way in the week ahead.

Yonder - Co-op Review
American McGee on Alice 3
Patched 19 - The Nindies
Madden 18
Shadow of War - Charity
Forza hits Bathurst
The Insider - What to Watch
Magic Goes Digital
P2 Plays - Xcom: War of the Chosen

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