The Dealer gets a Date

The Dealer gets a Date

It is no secret that we love Hand of Fate here at Player 2. It was the very first interview we did on the site and one of the first reviews. So we have been following the sequel through its development quite closely and it was our Editor’s best game of PAX AUS last year. Well, our patience is about to be rewarded because The Dealer returns on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on the 7th of November.

Now November 7 is also the release date of the Xbox One X so it seems fitting that Hand of Fate 2 will come with 4k support and HDR improvements on Microsoft’s newest console. Fret no Sony and PC fans though because the game is sure to still look smashing on your systems.

Get excited folk because this is shaping to be one fine, genre-bending game and the double bonus is that it is Aussie made. So check out the newest trailer below and get ready to see what cards the Dealer is holding on November 7.

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