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The Weekly Wrap – 18th of December 2017

The Weekly Wrap – 18th of December 2017

The final week of 2017 for Player 2 is here and that means the last Weekly Wrap for the year. Out 2017 awards started last week with the team giving their thoughts on the biggest surprises and disappointments for 2017. The biggest addition to P2 last week however, was the return of Sadistic Santa and his own unique take on the giving season, make sure you check it out. Finally, we had all the news and videos that you have come to expect from the P2 crew.

So join us one more time for 2017 and catch up on all the Player 2 gaming goodies. We will be back in the new year with more of our own brand of video games fun.

Christmas, Douche Bags and PSX
Editor's Thoughts - Christmas, Douche Bags and PSX
Patched - The Future of Star Wars Games
Ni No Kuni II Delayed Again
Ni No Kuni II Delayed... Again
Yoku's Island Express
Season's Greetings From Yoku's Island Express
2017's Biggest Surprises

2017's Biggest Surprises
2017's Biggest Disappointments
2017's Biggest Disappointments
The Return of Sadistic Santa
Blizzard is Bringing the Xmas Cheer
Blizzard is Bringing the Christmas Cheer
The Insider - Q1 Game Guide
The Insider - The Q1 2018 Game Guide
P2 Plays - Batman: Arkham Origins
Player 2 Plays - Batman: Arkham Origins

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