The Weekly Wrap – 15th of January 2018

The Weekly Wrap – 15th of January 2018

The first Weekly Wrap for 2018 is here and it is a bit more than usual. Because our first week was only half a week we have combined the two into one awesome wrap-up. Yay! These two weeks have been dominated by Matt’s “Most Anticipated” articles but we have also had the first P2 Plays of the year, a review of the Switch version of Enter the Gungeon and a whole heap of exciting news. There has been no slow start to the year for the P2 crew that is for sure.

So kick off your working week in the right way, by procrastinating and catching up on some great gaming content from Player 2. Don’t forget to stay tuned for more goodies over the coming week.

2018's Most Anticipated - FPS
2018's Most Anticipated - Strategy
The Most Anticipated Strategy Games for 2017
Hyper Universe out of Early Access
Hyper Universe is Bashing its way out of Early Access
2018's Most Anticipated - Open World
Enter the Gungeon - Switch Review
Blockbuster Gaming - Enter The Gungeon - Switch
2018's Most Anticipated - Driving/Sports
The Most Anticipated Driving/Sports Games of 2018
2018's Most Anticipated - Action/Adventure
The Most Anticipated Action/Adventure Games of 2018
2018's Most Anticipated - RPGs
The Most Anticipated RPGs of 2018
Dragon Ball FighterZ - Open Beta
Dragon Ball FighterZ Open Beta Announced
2018's Most Anticipated - Indies
The Most Anticipated Indies of 2018
Omensight Announced
Omensight Manipulates Time to Prevent the End of Days
2018's Most Anticipated - The Rest
The Most Anticipated Games of 2018 - Honorable Mentions
Forged Battalion - Preview
All's Fair in Love and Total War
Dark Souls Remastered is Coming
P2 Plays - Flatout 4
Player 2 Plays - Flatout 4: Total Insanity

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